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Super Trans

Super Trans was a support group from Marvel comics for transgender mutant youth. The group would eventually become a hero team known as the Next Mutants, and included characters such as Shela Sexton, Morgan Red, and Good Arson. The choice to make this group all Mutants is perfect within the consistent themes of Marvel’s Mutant-related content, as Mutants were and are a stand-in for any oppressed group, ostracized and oppressed for who they are. 

More Info:

  • Members, with hero names, gender and pronouns: Morgan Red (transmasc, he/they), Shela Sexton “Escapade” (transfem, she/her), Reed Fox “Aphelion” (non-binary, they/them), Sophie “Faceshopper” (last name unknown, transfem, she/her), Rex Ridley “Good Arson (transmasc, he/him), Gabe “Bad Guy” (last name unknown, transmasc, he/him), ZZ Phalen “Harmonize” (transfem, they/them), Mojo Junior (cisgender male, he/him), Nora Kuang “Pity Girl” (last name unknown, transfem, she/her)
  • Also known as: The Next Mutants, The Morally Superior X-Men
  • Media Appearances: Seven Marvel comic series

Team History (SPOILERS!!)

Super Trans began as a support group for young, trans Mutants, run by D-Man at the Matt Baker House in Queens, New York. In an early meeting, they rescued Spider-Man when he was driven there by the Sinister Syndicate, an all-female iteration of the classic supervillain team, the Sinister Six. 

Super Trans was later disbanded, due to the bigoty-driven controversy surrounding Mutants. However, the group’s members stayed in touch, and would later reunite. Their first meet-up was crashed by Sentin-Ally, a straight, cisgender ally obsessed with joining their team, who they quickly defeated. After the battle, Pity Girl made the mistake of calling their team the X-Men, which both caught the attention of the actual X-Men, and got them kidnapped by Mojo, a powerful creature from another dimension known for abducting Mutants and casting them involuntarily in insane and dangerous reality TV shows, exactly what he did to the members of Super Trans. They were trapped in slowed time for decades, during which thousands of episodes documenting their harsh struggles were recorded. They were eventually rescued with help from the X-Men and Mojo’s grandson, Mojo Jr., and adopted their current name, the Next Mutants. 


  • I never knew about this little group before researching for this site, but I’m so glad I do now!! Seeing a group of young explicitly trans superheroes is so empowering – Sylvie : )

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