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Soph, “Faceshopper”

Sophie (last name unknown), who prefers to go by Soph, is a transfem member of Super Trans with shapeshifting abilities.

Other Info: 

  • Pronouns/gender: she/her, transfem
  • Media Appearances: Seven appearances in Marvel comics
  • Superpower: Soph can shapeshift to look identical to anyone, attaining any superpowers they might have as well.

Story (SPOILERS!!)

Soph was originally a member of the trans support group Super Trans. When the Sinister Syndicate broke into the Matt Baker house during one of their early meetings, she helped fend them off, using her powers to take the appearance of D-Man, who she saved along with Spider-Man by working with the other teens. Soph was a member of Super Trans until it’s eventual disbandment, and fought alongside her teammates once again when Sentin-Ally crashed their first group reunion.

After this battle, Pity Girl called their team the X-Men in a viral video, getting attention the actual X-Men and Mojo, a powerful creature from another dimension known for abducting Mutants and casting them involuntarily in insane and dangerous reality TV shows, exactly what he did to the members of Super Trans. While the pilot episode was being filmed, Soph was suddenly killed by Mojo for shock value. However, Mojo Jr. was able to get her back to the writer’s room, where he was able to make her shapeshift into Wolverine, taking advantage of Wolverine’s advanced healing powers to bring her back from the brink of death. 

The members of Super Trans were eventually rescued by the X-Men, after being trapped in slowed time for decades, during which thousands of episodes were recorded. 


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