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Morgan Red

In the Marvel Comics universe, Morgan Red is Shela Sexton‘s best friend, and, like Shela, is transgender! Morgan is a transmasc mutant with exceptional computer skills, and works freelance as a game designer. Morgan has the fun ability to turn anything organic into chocolate!

Other info:

  • Pronouns/gender: he/they, transmasc
  • Media Appearances: 6 appearances in Marvel Comics, supporting character
  • Superpower: Morgan has a unique power, called Transchocolification, which allows him to turn any organic material into chocolate, up to eight ounces at a time. This usually manifests as milk chocolate, though the type and qualities of the chocolate depends on the original material.

Story (SPOILERS!!)

Born in Medford, Massachusetts, Morgan became best friends with Shela Sexton when they were in fifth grade. After the two moved into an apartment together, they both joined Super Trans, a support group for young transgender mutants. 

Morgan was kidnapped by the U-Men, a group of humans obsessed with becoming mutants through any means necessary, along with Shela, Leo Eng, Wolfsbane, and Cerebella, during a rally in New York’s Washington Square Park. While fleeing the U-Men’s headquarters, Morgan used his powers to turn their stash of Kick, a drug that gives mutants a temporary high and power boost, into chocolate mousse. 

He later moved to Astoria in Queens, New York, where Raine Sinclair, Wolfsbane, offered him a home in Krakoa, the sentient island that thousands of mutants at that time called home, an offer he declined. Instead, Morgan and Raine went shopping, but actually ended up finding a dragon in a lab located in the sewer system.

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