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Arashi Narukami

from Ensemble Stars!

she/her, transfem

BIPOC ‧ Japanese

Arashi is a transfem character in “Ensemble Stars!”. She is a rare but great type of transfem representation – she presents masculine. She believes that she’ll never make it to where she dreams to be if she tries to transition, but she still loves herself as she is.

Arashi Narukami from Ensemble Stars!


Notes from Team Members:

I’m gonna end up hyperfixating on her now that I’ve done this research cause HOLY she seems like the best person ever.



Barney Guttman

from Dead End: Paranormal Park

he/him, transmasc

Barney is the main character of “Dead End”, and openly transmasc! His gender and relationship with his family because of it is an important character arc in Season 1, and he is a fully fleshed out character whose trans-ness is never made the butt of any joke or treated as strange by the other characters, despite the show being a comedy.

Barney Guttman from Dead End: Paranormal Park

Show ‧ Ongoing ‧ 2 Seasons ‧ Netflix


Bedroom Community

by Glass Beach

Bedroom Community represents the transfem community in similar ways as Yoshi’s Island. It goes into depth in different ways, such as her relationship with her father.

Song ‧ The First Glass Beach Album



by Glass Beach

Calico is a comforting song for any gender non-conforming people. The singer is comforting a male calico cat, who is unusual, and in a way, gender non-conforming! With the lyrics “Calico, don’t go” and “you’re not gonna leave him alone” the singer comforts the listener and reminds them that there are people out there that care about them and want to protect them.

Song ‧ The First Glass Beach Album

Notes from Team Members:

This is my go-to song when that silly goofy gender dysphoria is crushing me like a hydraulic press! It’s kept me from the edge countless times.

-Sylvie <3

Fun fact: 99.9% of calico cats are female, which is what makes the existence of male calicos feel gender non-conforming!


Captain Spaceboy

from OMORI

he/him, transmasc

Spaceboy is never mentioned to be transmasc or implied to be in-game, due to OMOCAT (game devs) not knowing, but his original creator confirmed it, and there’s old art of him on her Twitter account after getting top surgery.

GameBattle OST #1Battle OST #2

Notes from Team Members:

SUCH an underrated character in my opinion. No one seemed to care that he’s the whole captain of the Space Pirates and he has a lil pew pew laser gun. Also, his form as Space Ex-Husband is the only enemy that has completely different images for each emotion! I love him.


Double Trouble

from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

they/them, genderfluid

Double Trouble is a shapeshifter that acts as a spy and saboteur. For this reason, they are the central antagonist of the fourth season. Their presumed natural form is pictured.

Double Trouble | Fandom

Show ‧ Finished Series ‧ 5 Seasons ‧ Netflix


by Cavetown

Dysphoric is about… well, gender dysphoria. Very representative of the trans community and well depicts what dysphoria feels like.

Song ‧ Gd Vibes

Elle Argent

from Heartstopper

she/her, transfem

BIPOC ‧ British African

Elle is openly transfem, which is referenced several times. Her being trans is treated as not being a big thing, and she is simply another important character.

Who plays Elle Argent in Heartstopper? – Yasmin Finney ...

Show ‧ Ongoing ‧ 1 Season ‧ Netflix

Webtoon/Graphic Novel Series ‧ Ongoing ‧ 4 Volumes

Glass Beach & Blood Rivers

by Glass Beach

Glass Beach & Blood Rivers represents the genderqueer community through its lyrics, implied to be about two genderqueer people running away from their families due to a lack of support.

Song ‧ The First Glass Beach Album

Kenji “Magne” Hikiishi

from My Hero Academia

she/her, transfem

BIPOC ‧ Japanese

Magne is a minor transfem villain in the show.  It’s very clearly telegraphed throughout the episodes that she is trans, with her friends calling her “Big Sis Magne”, and a scene where her friends correct someone on her pronouns (VERY aggressively, they threaten someone, they are still villains after all). Magne is also representation of a particularly rare kind: Magne is very masc-presenting! While she’s very much transfem, she doesn’t seem to have a problem about having an unshaved face or wearing more masculine clothing. Magne is strong, brave, and confident in herself and where she belongs, and is very positive representation for the trans community!

Hikiishi Kenji (Magne) - LezWatch.TV

Anime ‧ Ongoing ‧ 6 Seasons ‧ Netflix

Manga ‧ Ongoing ‧ 36 Volumes

Loki Laufeyson

from Marvel

genderfluid (pronouns change depending on gender)

Loki is shown switching their physical sex in the comics, and uses different pronouns and terms when they do. In the Marvel Loki show, their gender is listed as “fluid” in a file on him.

Queer Comic Characters: Loki (Oct 9th) | 6' 7" & Green Comics


Show ‧ Ongoing ‧ 1 Season ‧ Disney+


from Celeste

she/her, transfem

Madeline is a trans girl with anxiety, who the game centers around as she attempts to climb Celeste Mountain.

Mizuki Akiyama

from Project Sekai


BIPOC ‧ Japanese

Mizuki is referred to with they/them pronouns and their gender is labeled “?” in-game. They are also heavily implied to be transfem.


from OMORI


Omori can become a girl in the Hikkikomori Route of the game. However, all it does is give his sprite pigtails and allows the player to enter the girls’ restroom at Last Resort.

Omori from OMORI

Game ‧ Battle OST

Notes from Team Members:

I’ve seen many unused images of Sunny and Omori as girls and I can’t help but imagine young transfem Sunny. Like, coming out to Mari and her being all supportive and them starting to wear matching outfits and aaaAAAAAA *sobs*


Princess Daisy

from the Mario series

she/her, transfem

Princess Daisy is confirmed to be transfem by Nintendo. That’s pretty much as deep as it goes, but we love a trans queen!!

Raine Whispers

from The Owl House

they/them, nonbinary

BIPOC ‧ Latine VA

Raine is always referred to with they/them pronouns and has been confirmed to be nonbinary.

raine whispers in 2022 | Owl house, Hoot owl, Cartoon

Show ‧ Ongoing ‧ 3 Seasons ‧ Disney+

Shela Sexton, “Escapade”

from Marvel Comics

she/her, transfem

Shela is a Mutant with the power to switch physical places or situations with someone.


from Star Wars: Queen’s Hope

she/her, transfem

BIPOC ‧ Māori

Sister is an openly transfem clone trooper who is accepted by her fellow clones and her Jedi generals. She was worried for her safety because of her trans-ness, unsure if she would be considered a “defective” clone, and killed because of it, a fear that many of us trans people know all too well.

New Character in Queen's Hope: Sister (Shared by EK Johnston ...


Notes from Team Members:

I LOVE this concept!! I love Star Wars and this is such a cute and unique idea, I would go feral if Sister was shown in a Star Wars show or movie.

-Sylvie <3


from Steven Universe

they/them, intersex/nonbinary

Stevonnie is a fusion of Steven and Connie. They experience identity confusion at one point in the story.

SU Stevonnie by Cattboyy08 on DeviantArt

Show ‧ 5 Seasons ‧ Cartoon Network

Summer Luk

she/her, transfem

BIPOC ‧ Chinese

Summer is a transfem artist from Hong Kong that first became famous on TikTok and makes songs based on her experiences growing up in a transphobic household. One of her songs, “Mirages”, is about a time when her parents exorcised her.

Exclusive: Meet Tik Tok content creator Summer Luk ...


This Is Home

by Cavetown

This Is Home is a transmasc anthem, with the lines “I’ll cut my hair, to make you stare, I’ll hide my chest”. There’s also a part that represents someone else talking about him, which is in some ways exactly what a transmasc person both would and wouldn’t want to hear (“Get a load of this trainwreck, his hair’s a mess and he doesn’t know who he is yet, but little do we know the stars welcome him with open arms”). It’s also important to note that this was recorded before Cavetown transitioned, which makes the song representative even for pre-t transmascs.

Album Cover for This is Home by Cavetown


Notes from Team Members:

I could scream about this song and its lyrics for days. I find it all really calming and I like to listen to it when I’m feeling rather, uhhhhh, ~dysphoric~.


Viktor Hargreeves

from Umbrella Academy

he/him, transmasc

Viktor comes out as transmasc in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. It fits into his character very well, and all his siblings have different, but all kind and supportive, ways of reacting to his coming out. On top of this, his sibling’s reactions are a very entertaining part of the plot that doesn’t feel out of place for any of the characters or the story. This was also written into the script to support Viktor’s actor, Elliot Paige, who came out as transmasc between the release of seasons 2 and 3.

Viktor Hargreeves from Umbrella Academy

Show ‧ Ongoing ‧ 3 Seasons ‧ Netflix

Yoshi’s Island

by Glass Beach

Yoshi’s Island represents the transfem community by detailing a trans girl’s relationship with her mother and society. This is a transfem anthem with lyrics that can hit extremely hard, like “I won’t say she even though I know you want me to, I know that it’s hard but I swear I still love you”. It encapsulates how it feels to be trans in such an amazing and accurate way, while also having a bouncy, energetic theme that fits the vibe weirdly well.

Song ‧ The First Glass Beach Album

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