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Nora Kuang, “Pity Girl”

Nora is a transfem mutant in Marvel comics with the power to incapacitate her opponents by telling them her sad stories. She may have an uncomfortable relationship with her grandfather, based on some dialogue from her during a battle (“I cried, knowing I would never see my grandpa again because I didn’t like visiting him that much”).

Other Info:

  • Pronouns/gender: she/her, transfem
  • Superpower: Nora can lull anyone into a hypnotized state by telling them her sad personal stories.

Story (SPOILERS!!)

Nora was a member of Super Trans during it’s entire duration, from it’s first meeting to it’s last. She was there when they fought the Sinister Syndicate alongside Spider-Man and D-Man, and was there when the group defeated Sentin-Ally. After that second fight, Nora called the team the X-Men, which captured the attention of both the real X-Men and a creature named Mojo ((more detail included here:

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