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About Mercury Media

Mercury Media is a group of transgender students, dedicated to providing an easily accessible online database of everything trans, and a safe space for those who may feel alone and need something or someone to relate to.

Our Database

With the help of transgender individuals from around the world, we’ve put together this database of media with transgender representation. There’s always missing media, so if you know something we can add, please tell us here!

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Along with our database, we also have a forum that allows users to post and interact with others. Surround yourself with others that enjoy the same trans media as you, give trans-related advice, or recommend more media for us to add!

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Social Media

We want to stay connected with our users in every way we can and keep them up to date with what we have on our site, which is why we’re also active on social media. Feel free to interact with us, and we’ll interact with you too!

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We’re currently accepting donations so that we can become legally recognized as a nonprofit. Once we are a legal nonprofit, we’ll use any donations to keep our site running and help others pay for gender-affirming care.

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Meet the Team!

Hello I’m Win, or Fendi! I’m a 17 year old transmasc genderfaun and I’m a bit all over the place in every way possible! You can find me running our site, Facebook, and Twitter. The rest of the time, I’m generally just being a weird and kind little guy. I enjoy a LOT of things and especially working on this site. It’s really fun for me, so I hope to be a web designer! More than that, I hope our site can help bring a bit of positivity when you need it. <3

Win, he/they -- Site creator, site editor, runs Mercury's Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. In this particular image, he's got a little smile and they're holding up a peace sign.

Win Rothgeb


Hi I’m Sylvie/Vee (or Bug)! I’m a transfem lesbian trying to get on HRT! I’m 18 but still in high school, although it REALLY feels like I shouldn’t be in grade school anymore. I just got accepted into college though, so yayyyy! I love videogames, especially Nintendo and indie games, and hope to make videogames someday as a profession, but for now I’m just working on my pixelart and storywriting and music. My heart to the cause and all that! <3

Sylvie, she/they -- Site editor. In this particular image, she's showing you their plushie in the same way an Animal Crossing character shows you the fish they caught.

Sylvie Dance


Hey! I’m Mason and I don’t care how you address me. I’m currently unlabeled in all aspects as I am just enjoying the ride that is life. I am still in high school and I am currently on my way to a business major maybe. I’m the lead artist on the team, the person who runs the tumblr, the creator of the logo, as well as any other illustrations we will need in the future. I am canonically also an enderman (ender-mason if you will). Keep living life (´`)

Mason, any pronouns -- Illustrator, runs Mercury's Tumblr. We don't have a picture for them yet so instead we've got a Minecraft enderman.

Mason Jackson

(any pronouns)

Hello!!! My name is Kopi, and I’m the admin for the Mercury Media insta. I’m a 17 year old neurodivergent trans man and I use he/him pronouns. I came out as transgender in 2020 after years of being conflicted about my gender. I love creating with fine arts and cosmology, and I love interacting with our audience. I hope you love our resources, and we can’t wait to get to know you all.

Kopi, he/him -- runs Mercury's Instagram. In this particular image, he stands tall and proud with a little smile. As he should. :)

Kopi Hullinger


Other Trans Resources

Click on the names to visit the sites.

The Trevor Project

24/7 LGBTQ+ Crisis Support – Please use this if you need immediate help, or call emergency services.


Understanding Pronouns – For anyone you might want to educate on pronouns and pronoun usage.

Pronoun Dressing Room

Try Out Different Pronouns – Useful if you’re questioning or otherwise curious.