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Rex Ridley, “Good Arson”

Rex Ridley is, well, I’ll just quote his self-introduction from his first appearance: “I’m Rex Ridley, A.K.A. GOOD ARSON, and I’m a dude and I LIGHT STUFF ON FIRE WITH MY MIND!!“. He is a transmasc mutant from Marvel comics, seen wearing a binder in his first appearance.

Other Info:

  • Pronouns/gender: he/him, transmasc
  • Superpower: Rex has pyrokinesis, the ability to create and control fire telepathically
  • Quotes: “I don’t know if my mom is mad about trans stuff or because I burned down the apartment.”
  • Media Appearances: Seven appearances in Marvel comics

Story (SPOILERS!!)

The quote above shows that, before Rex’s first appearance, he (presumably accidentally) burned down his mom’s apartment. Rex then joined Super Trans, and was a member of the team until and after it’s disbanding. (more detail included here:



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