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The Trevor Project is an organization that offers 24/7 LGBTQ+ crisis support. The link we’ve provided goes straight to the help page, where they can connect you to a counselor however you’d prefer. is a website that offers resources and education on personal pronouns, how to use them, why they should be respected, etc. Feel free to send this to anyone who doesn’t understand pronouns!

Questioning your name and pronouns? Pronoun Dressing Room is a site that allows you to put in any name and pronouns and inserts them into sample sentences and stories. No login required, so it’s anonymous too!

Deadname-B-Gon is a Google Chrome extension that replaces your deadname with your chosen name, and can be filtered to turn on/off depending on the site the user is on.

TransTape is a skin-friendly tape made mostly for binding. There’s no real compression so it can stay on for longer, and it’s also not physically restraining at all. It can also be used for packing and tucking.