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Shela Sexton, “Escapade”

Shela is a Mutant from Marvel Comics with the power to switch physical places or situations with someone. She’s a very obscure character, only ever appearing in about seven Marvel series out of Marvel’s thousands of series, but it’s very cool to see a story focusing on a trans character in the Marvel universe! 

More Info: 

  • Other Names: Escapade (current hero name), Blaster Dame (previous hero name)
  • Pronouns/gender: she/her, transfem
  • Type of Media: Marvel comics, supporting character & main protagonist
  • Superpower/gear: Shela has the ability to trade places, possessions, or powers with anyone in a seven foot radius. This switch can last for several hours. She also has repulsors in her gloves and boots that allow her to fly, goggles equipped with a heads-up display, glitter bombs that can damage technology, and dice that can disrupt gravity. 

Story (SPOILERS!!!)

Shela’s mutant power was first manifested when she accidentally switched places with her school’s principal in the 9th grade. Though her parents supported her when she told them that she’s a mutant, they kicked her out of the house when she came out as trans. 

At age 18, Shela moved in with her transmasc friend Morgan Red, who’d been her best friend since the 5th grade, and Morgan’s genetically engineered flying turtle (advfhffhfhfdchh Marvel Comics are so fun). They joined a support group called Super Trans, a support group specifically for transgender mutants, which also included Aphelion, Good Arson, Pity Girl, and other young transgender mutants (some of which might get posts on this site someday?). 

Shela eventually began using her powers to steal from corrupt politicians, with Morgan as her man in the chair. Shela at one point ran into Emma Frost and Destiny, who showed her a vision of a future where she accidentally causes Morgan’s death. Emma offered to help train Shela, but she refused. Shela soon learned of something called an the Onyx Needle, which could possibly prevent this grim future. Shela tried to find the Needle with telling Morgan, trying to avoid telling him about the vision, but was eventually forced to when this began to damage their friendship. Soon after, Shela agreed to train with Emma Frost. 

Shela, along with Morgan and several other mutants, was later kidnapped by the U-Men, a group of humans obsessed with becoming mutants through genetic modification and surgery. Shela fell off the roof of the U-Men’s complex, but chose not to switch physical spaces with Morgan, ready to accept death if it meant her friend could go on. However, this wasn’t her time, as Leo Eng was able to use his telekinesis to stop her midair, allowing Wolfsbane to catch her. Shela and Morgan were now both safe, proving Destiny’s vision wrong. 


I want to cosplay her, end of note -Sylvie <3

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