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Rowan Blair III

Rowan is a nonbinary dateable weapon (yes, you read that right) in the hack-and-slash/dating sim visual novel, Boyfriend Dungeon. They are introverted and mysterious, have a very androgynous character design, and are always with their friendly albino crow, named Crowley. Rowan and Crowley can transform into a scythe together, which can be wielded by the player character during combat sections. 

Other info:

  • Pronouns/gender: they/them, nonbinary
  • Media Appearances: Dateable weapon in the game “Boyfriend Dungeon”, both dateable and wieldable as a weapon in combat sections
  • Likes: Wild plants, isolation, animal bones, tea, Crowley (their cute little crow friend), the mountains
  • Dislikes: Crowds, social media

Role in Combat:

During the roguelike hack-and-slash sections, Rowan becomes a scythe with a slow attack speed but very wide attack range. Rowan’s scythe form comes with an ability the creates a black hole that can draw in enemies, dealing massive damage. Their dash move also gives the player momentary invincibility, and they have a stacking ability that temporarily increases their attack power after killing an enemy. This stacking effect and the black hole ability can be upgraded as your relationship with rowan grows

Story (SPOILERS!!)

Rowan can first be met after going to Jesse’s barbeque, if the player goes to the mansion on the furthest point up on the overworld map. There, a “date” event can be found, where you’ll meet Rowan, who’s quite angry and grieving the death of her grandmother, Alice, insisting that you’ve been causing chaos in town. They attempt to kill you, though surrendering and accepting death at their can intrigue them, opening up a possible romance or friendship. Later, they slip a mysterious note under your apartment door, which contains a riddle, in the form of a series of numbers, which, when solved, gives you their phone number!

From then on, the player has the ability to choose either a romantic or platonic relationship through your actions during dialogue.

After decoding their phone number, you can meet Rowan at their mansion for the first date with them that doesn’t involve them threatening your life. You can join them in the woods nearby on a little foraging trip for herbs. Partway through, Rowan walks off on their own, asking the player to stay where they are and wait for them. You can either be sneaky and follow them or do as they ask, but if they find you sitting where they told you to when they come back, you’ll gain a little more of their trust, and they’ll allow you to wield them in combat!

Rowan later invites the player over for comfort, as an appraiser is coming to tell them the value of their mansion. The appraiser, a slimy little b***h named Eric, is extremely rude, and essentially tells Rowan that their home and everything in it is worth much less than it’s actual value. Supporting Rowan through your actions allows you to improve your relationship with them.

When the player meets Rowan at the park, Rowan expresses interest in growing your relationship in a more romantic direction. Here, the player can either choose to accept, or keep your friendship with Rowan as just a friendship. 

During your next visit with Rowan, you’ll find that Crowley has gone missing! After helping Rowan look for them for hours, comforting them along the way. When they finally return to the mansion, they find Crowley waiting for them with a cup of tea for them both.

One day, Crowley delivers a letter to the player from Rowan, asking you to meet them at a fancy little place called Mission San Drago. Rowan talks through their feelings and grief towards Alice’s death, pondering death and the difficulty of moving on. 

On the mountain a little later, Rowan reveals that they’ve recently managed to contact Alice’s spirit, and while talking to her, realized that they’ve relied on the player an unhealthy amount during the grieving process. This is where you can either continue to pursue a romantic relationship with them or move on as close friends. Either way, you and Rowan now have an unbreakable bond. 

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