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(Concept art of Omori as a girl by OMOCAT)


Omori can become a girl in the Hikkikomori Route of the game. However, all it does is give his sprite pigtails and allows the player to enter the girls’ restroom at Last Resort.

Omori is one of the central characters of OMORI, a psychological horror RPG that allows the player to explore two separate worlds and ultimately pick one of the two realities.

More info:

  • Other names: Sunny
  • Pronouns/gender: he/him, cis male (transfem if you go through with certain actions. It doesn’t change the story, though.)
  • Media Appearances: Main character of one of OMORI‘s two worlds

Story (SPOILERS!!!!):

Omori is the first character the player sees, and plays as. For the majority of the game, he’s the protagonist of Headspace. Headspace is a world that exists solely inside of the mind of Sunny, the protagonist of the real world, and who the game truly centers around. Omori resembles 12-year-old Sunny, and is the only black and white character in a world of color.

To tell his whole story as a character would take an unimaginable amount of time, so instead we’ll give a summary. As stated above, this does contain major spoilers. If you haven’t experienced the game yet and are intrigued, we encourage you to stop reading and experience the game first by playing it or watching this walkthrough.

Omori lives in White Space, which is a fairly simple place. There’s a laptop, tissue box, notebook, cat, and door. Through most of the game, the laptop shows a game of Hangman. To guess letters, the player has to collect the letter keys scattered throughout Headspace. Omori and his friends go on many adventures throughout the game, mostly in an attempt to find their friend, Basil, that goes missing at the beginning of the game. During battles, Omori “does not succumb” once per battle if he’s supposed to be defeated and stays in at 1 HP. Omori alone finds Basil multiple times, but always ends up back in White Space. Once the hangman puzzle is solved, a new area of Headspace is unlocked: Black Space.

It’s even simpler at the surface, with only a picnic basket used to save the game, another tissue box, and doors scattered all over the place. Each door leads into different rooms, a few of which with Basil in them. In every room where Omori finds Basil, Basil ends up dead, sometimes cut off as he’s about to say something. In one of the rooms, Omori is given a Black Space version of Basil’s photo album, and picks up the photos from around the room. They’re out of order, but once placed in the photo album, they tell a story that Omori has been trying to repress for Sunny for four years: Sunny accidentally killed his older sister, Mari, and no one but Basil knows about it. Basil had the idea of hanging her in a tree to frame it as a suicide so that the two of them wouldn’t get in trouble.

Toward the end of the true route, Omori becomes the final boss battle. He becomes a manifestation of Sunny’s deepest, darkest thoughts. He encourages Sunny to end his life, saying that he’s less than worthless and there’s no way he’d be forgiven if he were to admit what he’s done. Instead of the familiar “Omori did not succumb” message, the player sees the message “Omori will not succumb” instead, and cannot defeat Omori. Instead, they are slowly beaten down by Omori until they’re defeated. Then, Sunny comes back and plays a duet with Headspace Mari, one that they argued about and just before Mari’s accidental death. Omori fades after the performance, and Sunny wakes up.

Completely changing the vibe of this post, Omori can become a girl in the Hikkikomori Route. The Hikkikomori Route starts when Sunny refuses to open the front door and go outside, therefore choosing Headspace as his reality. The player spends a lot more time in Headspace playing as Omori because of this, and if the player helps Medusa during their second visit to Humphrey, she gives a mystery potion that transes Omori’s gender.

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