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Image used with permission from original artist, Uzuri Art

Sister is an openly transfem clone trooper who is accepted by her fellow clones and her Jedi generals. She was worried for her safety because of her trans-ness, unsure if she would be considered a “defective” clone, and killed because of it, a fear that many of us trans people know all too well. Due to the man she and all the other clones were cloned from being of Māori descent, Jango Fett played by Temuera Morrison, she is also Māori representation.

More Info:

  • Pronouns/Gender: she/her, transfem
  • Media Appearance: Minor character from the novel Star Wars: Queen’s Hope by author E. K. Johnson


As a clone trooper, Sister has a face, tan skin color, and hair color identical to that of the original DNA donor, Jango Fett, played by Māori actor Temuera Morrison. In Uzuri Art’s commissioned drawing of Sister, she is depicted with long, dark-brown braids, and armor decorated with the pink and blue of the transgender flag.

Story (SPOILERS!!!):

Sister was created on the planet Kamino as one of millions of clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett, intended to become soldiers for the Galactic Republic. Sister later developed a sense of femininity that was unusual among her brothers. Though this was otherwise unheard of, her brothers, upon learning of her identity, showed their support by giving her her nickname, “Sister”, as a way to reenforce that she is loved and supported. Upon the beginning of the Clone Wars, a civil war between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the clones’ purpose was realized, and they were deployed as the Grand Army of the Republic. 

Sister was once again fearful of not being supported, this time by her Jedi generals, her leaders soon proved themselves to be just as open-minded as her brothers. Sister in a battle at some point fought as a member of the 7th Sky Corps under leadership of Clone Commander Cody and Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Following the battle, Sister made a makeshift memorial under a tree, in memory of her brothers who died during the battle. While rendezvousing with General Kenobi, Sister later had a conversation with General Skywalker about gender, where Skywalker likened Sister’s transition to the Jedi’s belief in rising above conventions. 

Soon after, Sister was deployed to the planet Langston with General Skywalker and the 302nd Battalion on an aid mission. 



This is one of my favorite characters ever!!!!!! This is such a cool idea to me; one transgender sister among hundreds of thousands of genetically identical brothers, it’s so unique and creative!! Plus, I’ve loved Star Wars since forever and I think I’d go feral if Sister showed up in a show or movie.

-Sylvie <3

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