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Sky Kids and Spirits

A Sky kid leads a spirit to relive their memories.
A Sky kid leads a spirit to relive their memories.

thatgamecompany, the developers of Sky: Children of the Light, have confirmed that none of the Sky kids (players) and spirits have specified genders.

Sky: Children of the Light is a social game in which players relive spirits’ memories across 7 different realms. Each spirit has a friendship tree that allows the player to unlock new cosmetics, spells, and more. thatgamecompany has stated this on a support site: “The characters and spirits in Sky are deliberately designed to let players express their chosen gender in whatever manner they choose. We believe in the power of player choice and self-expression, and encourage you to discover what that means for your in-game character.”

When looking through spirit introductions on their socials, you can also find that they avoid using pronouns with the spirits and whenever they do, they’re all referred to with they/them pronouns, like how someone would if they didn’t know someone else’s gender.

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