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Sky Kids and Spirits

A Sky kid leads a spirit to relive their memories.
A Sky kid leads a spirit to relive their memories.

thatgamecompany, the developers of Sky: Children of the Light, have confirmed that none of the Sky kids (players) and spirits have specified genders.

Sky: Children of the Light is a social game in which players relive spirits’ memories across 7 different realms. Each spirit has a friendship tree that allows the player to unlock new cosmetics, spells, and more. thatgamecompany has stated this on a support site: “The characters and spirits in Sky are deliberately designed to let players express their chosen gender in whatever manner they choose. We believe in the power of player choice and self-expression, and encourage you to discover what that means for your in-game character.”

When looking through spirit introductions on their socials, you can also find that they avoid using pronouns with the spirits and whenever they do, they’re all referred to with they/them pronouns, like how someone would if they didn’t know someone else’s gender.

Character Game Gender Unknown Non-human


So I’m mostly putting this on here cause I think it’s funny, but Mangle from the Five Nights at Freddy’s series has repeatedly conflicting information on their gender, in a way signaling that she may be omnigender, bigender, or something along those lines. Mangle’s pronouns are entirely different between different mentions of the character in game, with she, he, and they all being used for the character. This is likely because Mangle, as his name hints at, is a mangled conglomeration of different dismantled animatronics, which all probably have different genders. Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNaF himself, has added to the confusion with a post he made on Steam, in one of the funniest ways he possibly could, by saying that their gender is “Yes”. Mangle first appears in FNaF 2, and has been a staple of the games since then.

More Info:

Other Names/Versions: Funtime Foxy, Phantom Mangle, Nightmare Mangle, Magician Mangle, Serpent Mangle

Pronouns/Gender: Pronouns are unknown but inconsistent between different mentions of the character, gender is unconfirmed

Media Appearances: Minor antagonist (FNaF 2, FNaF 3, FNaF 4 Halloween Edition, FnaF: Help Wanted, FNaF World, FNaF: Special Delivery, FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night, FNaF: Pizzeria Simulator), minor antagonist in several official FNaF novels and graphic novels

Story (Spoilers I guess?):

Mangle first appears in FNaF 2, as a hostile animatronic that begins in the Kid’s Cove area and slowly creeps towards the player character’s office. Mangle is described as an old animatronic that has become a take-apart-and-put-back-together toy for the young children that play at the FNaF 2 restaurant. When Mangle is present in a room, a modified static sound effect can be heard when the room is viewed through a camera.

In FNaF 3, Mangle does not appear in any physical form, rather appearing as a Phantom Animatronic, a hallucination that hinders the player’s survival, but does not directly kill them. A similar sound to Mangle’s static effect, this time much louder, can be heard when Phantom Mangle is near. Mangle becomes hostile towards the player when the player views them for too long on the cameras, producing their static noise, which both makes the other animatronics more aggressive and disables the office’s audio and ventilation systems.

Mangle appears as a nightmarish version of their FNaF 2 design in FNaF 4, in a non-canon appearance in the Halloween Edition of the title, and functions similarly in gameplay to Nightmare Foxy.

FNaF: Sister Location, which is theorized to take place before the other games, introduced Funtime Foxy, which appears to be Mangle before their fate in FNaF 2.

Mangle appears in FNaF: Special Delivery as Magician Mangle and Serpent Mangle. Mangle’s original FNaF 2 iteration also appears in FNaF World, FNaF: Help Wanted, and FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night. Phantom Mangle also appears in FNaF World, FNaF: Help Wanted, and FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night. Nightmare Mangle also appears in FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night. Funtime Foxy also appears in FNaF World, FNaF: Help Wanted, and FNaF: Ultimate Custom Night. 


Some people might be annoyed that I put Mangle here since I’m mostly just adding it as a joke, but there’s a valid argument that Mangle’s genderqueer, so I’m posting this on the page 🙂

-Sylvie <3