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Captain Spaceboy

Spaceboy is never mentioned to be transmasc or implied to be in-game, due to OMOCAT (game devs) not knowing, but his original creator confirmed that he is, and there’s old art of him on her Twitter account after getting top surgery.

Spaceboy is the captain of the Space Pirates, and the player’s second boss battle in OMORI, not including the tutorial boss. Outside of the Boss Rush, he can be fought as a boss twice.

More info:

  • Other names: Space Boyfriend, Space Ex-Boyfriend, Space Husband, Space Ex-Husband
  • Pronouns/gender: he/him, transmasc
  • Media Appearances: Minor character from video game OMORI

Story (SPOILERS!!!!):

As Omori and his friends explore Otherworld, they make it to the house at the top of the campground’s hill. A Space Pirate stands in front, guarding the door, and informs the player that this is the home of the captain of the Space Pirates, Capt. Spacebo- I mean, Space Boyfriend. When the player enters the home and climbs the stairs, they see a sleeping Spaceboy. Another Space Pirate explains that his girlfriend, Sweetheart, left him. He’s been laying in bed, lovesick, since she left. They’ve been cleaning his house for him since, and they want to wake him up in the only way they know how: by playing a special mixtape of his and Sweetheart’s favorite songs. The tape has gone missing, though, and they suspect it was thrown away on accident. The party is asked to go find it in the Junkyard.

Once they get so far through the Junkyard, they find a sprout mole named Rosa, who has just found the special mixtape. She’s a huge fan of Sweetheart, and believes having the special mixtape will make her collection truly worthwhile. The party chases her into an area with a line of caution tape. Written on the ground before it are the words “Do Not Cross” with an arrow pointing at the caution tape. Rosa has crossed the caution tape already, and stands still, unresponsive, in the middle of TVs glowing red that are in the shape of “404”. Crossing the caution tape initiates a boss fight against Download Window. After defeating Download Window, the party takes the tape away from the still unresponsive Rosa, who then begins to react again. She tells the party that she’s heard from a reputable source that the special mixtape was thrown away by Space Boyfriend himself, so there’s no point in them trying to return it. They choose not to believe her. After Kel calls her an ugly plant creature, she promises the party that she’ll be getting her revenge and leaves the Junkyard.

The party then returns and tells a Space Pirate what Rosa said. Kel ignores the conversation, takes the special mixtape from Omori’s pocket, and walks to the boombox to put it in. While he does, the rest of the party and the Space Pirate agree that it’d be better not to play it. Kel then puts it in, and Hero yells at him not to once it’s too late. Space Boyfriend then wakes up. Enraged, he yells at the party that he’s going to make Sweetheart pay for not treating him right. The party tells him that they can’t let him do that. Space Boyfriend feels as if he’s been challenged when Aubrey calls him “Space Ex-Boyfriend”, and a boss battle initiates shortly afterward.

Once the party defeats him, he suddenly becomes polite and kind. He explains that “his other half got the better of him” and apologizes for the trouble. Two Space Pirates, clearly afraid, come to tell him his favorite planet is missing. He tells them it’s alright and to call him Capt. Spaceboy again. He also tells them to gather the crew so they could all go together to get sno-cones, as he believes it’ll help him more than just laying in bed. He thanks the party and says if they ever need anything, they can go to him. Hero takes the chance to ask about Basil, but Spaceboy doesn’t know anything. Aubrey gets more worried and starts to cry. Spaceboy desperately tries to comfort her by giving her a sno-cone ticket and a train pass, saying that if he can go from traveling on trains to flying his own spaceship, then he’s sure she’ll find her friend.

After he leaves his home with his crew, the E key can be found under his pillow.

Later in the game, he flies into Sweetheart’s castle in his spaceship as she’s trying to marry herself and he marries her instead. The next day, she divorces him, and in the true route, the party never hears anything about him ever again.

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